Sunday, April 19, 2015

Growth Rate in Tilapia

After the arrival of the fish we were committed and were now fish farmers. Although feeding isn't recommended for a couple of days after arrival we went and bought food to ensure we were ready to start feeding when the time was right. 

As I have said, the factory is only a short drive and we have a VW Kombi so we could collect it. This made it easier as we had no delivery charge and we knew we could always get it when we needed it. It also meant I wouldn't be sitting on too much at one time.

The food for tilapia is in pellets. These vary in size depending on the age of the fish. They also vary in nutrition as well. That is one of the reasons I don't suggest buying just any fish food. The requirements of the fish vary at different stages of their life. Towards the end of their growing they are given ingredients to fatten them up.

Tilapia are a fast growing fish and with the correct nutrition, can increase their weight by 3 grams a day. 

The chart on the previous post shows the correct amount for each stage of the growing period.

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