Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeding Chart for tilapia

 Size of feed pellets Weight of fish (grams) Age of tilapia (weeks) Number of feeds per day Daily amount per 1000 fish
Powder 0.5-2 112225g
Powder 2-3.5210440g
Powder 3.5-5310680g
1.7mm 5-749600g
1.7mm 7-1258760g
1.7mm 12-20671.1kgs
2-4 mm 20-30 751.5kgs
2-4 mm 30-50 852.0kgs
2-4 mm 50-75 953.1kgs
2-4 mm 75-100 1054.4kgs
4-6mm 100-115 1144.8kgs
4-6mm 115-140 1245.7kgs
4-6mm 140-170 1346.2kgs
4-6mm 170-200 1447.4 kgs
6-8mm 200-240 1538.8 kgs
6-8mm 240-280 1639.1kgs
6-8mm 280-325 17310.6kgs
6-8mm 325-370 18312.2kgs
6-8mm 370-420 19311.9kgs
6-8mm 420-475 20313.4kgs
6-8mm 475-535 21312.6kgs
6-8mm 535-595 22311.3kgs
6-8mm 595-660 23312.6kgs
6-8mm 660-725 24313.9kgs
6-8mm 725-795 25311.4kgs
6-8mm 795-870 26312.5kgs
6-8mm 870-945 27313.6kgs
6-8mm 945-1025 28314.8kgs
6-8mm 1025-1110 29316kgs
6-8mm 1110-1200 30311.6kgs


  1. why the varying amount of feed from week 19 to 30?

    1. This is what is recommended by the manufacturers of the commercial food we use. We use a brand Guabi, which is sold in South America. However, we also supplement with duckweed. We feed ours pellet food, one day, and duckweed the next.

    2. Can you please tell me what size is the fish in 30weeks

  2. One more question if you don't mind, in the case where they are to get 12 feeds per day, do you split it into 1 hour time spans where you would start at, say for example, 6 am and end at 6 pm? if this is the case then does this 12 hour feeding period get split evenly as the number of feeds decreases?

  3. What feed conversion, do you get with this chart?

  4. How much cost per kg is the fish food